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Danny O’Brien has been blogging about what I think is an important and revolutionary idea for a while. This is an awfully shot video of him trying to explain it. Bear with it. Not only are there important social issues here but also the kernel of some awesome business ideas. If only I could see what they were.


Trent Reznor seems to be becoming a Linus Torvalds. By offering his latest album on the web for free and then inviting people to remix it and send him back their efforts, which he then releases as ‘official’ albums, the parallels with Linux kernel development seem clear. A creative commons license rather than a GPL but the methodology is identical.


A useful review of where we are at with the Microsoft and Novell deal. The article links to a Lessig post positing an interesting theory around market separation. The debate going on around fundamental economic, political and philosophical ideas is utterly compelling, and the drama of each iteration in the argument is an intellectual drama worthy of earlier Enlightenment battles between Spinoza and Leibniz, yet the conflict rages unknown to the masses, yet it will affect their lives very directly.